We make critical components for
industrial equipment utilizing
stainless steel and copper alloys,
with a focus on 3D impellers
that greatly impact the quality of pumps.
We are one of the top producers
in our industry adhering to the
highest standards in quality.

23,0002pieces a year
23,0002 pieces a year

YANAGIMOTO is known for its 3D impellers. We provide more than 20,000 3D impellers annually in different forms and sizes to Japan’s major pump makers.

maximum 1600mm

We own a double-column multitasking machine with 1,600mm max. machining diameter and 1,250mm max. machining length (height), which enables us to process large diameter products using strong lathe turning and milling capabilities.


We have a high quality start-to-finish production with machine processing facilities and engineering skills. It allows us to gain a processing accuracy grind within 0.005mm.


By utilizing 3D scanners and 3D printers, we have been working on making molds digitally. With a 0.28mm lamination pitch in the printer, it makes smooth moldings.


Our special technique to make exquisite cores lets us create 3D impellers with just 2.5mm water channel widths.


While 0.08 - 0.1 for the water channel width ÷ outer diameter is commonly done in sand casting, we have achieved 0.012.


This is the melting temperature in our high-frequency electric furnace. To make our thin impellers we melt our products at a higher temperature than general stainless products.


The amount we can cast in one casting with our high-frequency electric furnace.

4 plants

3 in Osaka and 1 in Chiba. Using the strength of our start-to-finish production, about 80 employees work hard to always put our customers first while continuing to improve our skills.

7days at the fastest

7 days after the order is our fastest delivery record for 3D impellers. Working together in close coordination from upstream operation to the final testing enables us to do so.


Yoshiharu Yanagimoto founded the Yanagimoto alloy casting company in Sakai city, Osaka and began producing pump components with copper alloy casting and aluminum alloy casting. We have been growing ever since, continuing to strengthen our start-to-finish production system for casting products.

39 years old

Our average age (as of 2023). We put an effort into recruiting young people and ensuring that skilled employees pass down the essential knowledge and technical skills so the next generation can thrive.

How impellers work
in pumps

The impeller is a crucial component
that rotates inside of a pump to
circulate fluids.

3D impeller

A pump is a device that sends fluid from a lower place to a higher place. When a “3D impeller”
fixed to the main shaft in a pump casing spins, it creates a centrifugal force that acts on the fluid
forcing it to move in the desired direction.

*Picture provided by: Torishima Pump Mfg.Co.,Ltd.

3D impellers

We manufacture impellers with
differing designs depending on the
use case such as open,
closed, double, and many more.









Double Impeller700ASTM6A

Double Impeller

Double Impeller400CAC402

Double Impeller

Double Impeller600CAC402

Double Impeller

Double Impeller300CAC402

Double Impeller

Double Impeller700CD4MCU-N

Double Impeller

Guide vane420CAC402

Guide vane

Open Impeller300ASTM4A

Open Impeller

Open Impeller500CAC402

Open Impeller
Runners for small hydraulic power generators

We manufacture runners
(Francis turbines) used in
small hydraulic power generators.


Other products

We manufacture a range of
foundry products with high precision.



Valve partsSCS16A

Valve parts

lantern ringCAC402

lantern ring