BE THE DRIVING FORCE Casting the next value

As our society continues to progress
we endeavor to be at the center of it.
YANAGIMOTO provides casting products
including impellers.
Since our company’s foundation as
alloy casting company in 1954,
we have continued to preserve
our traditional techniques
while at the
same time updating and
new skills to reach even greater results.

It all started years ago
when the Kawachi craftsmen
casting Bonsho, the Buddhist bells,
thought to bring people happiness.
Born from the techniques of that
traditional art,
our skills allow us to create casting products
for a sustainable future.
Now is the time for a new challenge
that will
continue to inspire people in the
same spirit of those original bells.
We will keep being true to our values and
strive to act as a pillar in our community.


Manufacturing 3D impellers for
high performance pumps

YANAGIMOTO was founded in 1954 in Sakai, Osaka and started its foundry for pump components utilizing copper alloy casting and aluminum alloy casting. In 1987 we obtained patents for our cast mold making method used in manufacturing 3D impellers that give centrifugal force to liquids inside pumps.

We are continually upgrading our technology while strictly adhering to the quality standards set by Japan’s major pump makers.
We make precise impellers that are crucial in high performance pumps, having achieved water channel widths down to 2.5mm in sand mold casting. This has allowed us to provide more than 20,000 pieces annually to major pump makers. As pumps play a big role in the world, we are proud our impellers can play a crucial supporting role in our society.


A start-to-finish production allows
for high quality products
and fast delivery

We can quickly produce foundries that pass high quality standards with our start-to-finish production system (from casting wooden molds to machining, repairing, and inspection). By installing the latest facilities for machining, for after casting use, we have achieved high quality processing with tolerances of 5mm/1000. We have skilled engineers with inspection and welding experience that can find and repair the smallest imperfections. This allows us to reduce the cost and time required for moving products between processing factories. We fully dedicate ourselves from the upstream process through finishing to create exquisite foundries.


Widening foundry’s possibilities

Though our foundries’ functions are vital to our society, they are largely unnoticed by the public. And that usually applies to us, engineers, as well. Despite this, we take pride in both our knowledge and technological skill. CURFENI is a project we started in cooperation with Chokkan Co.,Ltd. who empathized with the primitive beauty of the act of foundry. This project started with a line of foundry engineers’ workwear and since then has moved forward with product development in hopes of expanding and sharing the possibilities and the fun of foundry.


Be the force of
a sustainable society

While the industry is thinking hard about sustainability for the global environment, we are also trying to contribute environmental value with our impellers and runners in high efficiency pumps and small hydraulic power generators. For our own part, we started innovating with technologies such as 3D scanners and 3D printers, and have been upgrading our foundry skills further. For industry and community to develop sustainably as well as fostering the next generation in South Osaka, we started to have open plant days where the public can see what we do and children can directly experience the thrill of metal casting.


About our company logo

The “Y” for YANAGIMOTO enclosed in a circle represents
the vanes of impellers that spin and guide water with their power.
At the same time this reflects our intention to be a force for sustainability
and moving our society forward.